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Nashoba Brooks Prioritizes Affordability

Inclusivity has been a hallmark of Nashoba Brooks School’s strategic directions over the past several years. This commitment has led to a variety of both structural and curricular changes in the School. One of the most ambitious of these efforts to make the School a more welcoming and accessible place for families has been its reVision Tuition Plan.

Recognizing that independent schools, colleges, and universities have been working with an unsustainable tuition model in which annual tuition growth has outpaced income growth for decades, Nashoba Brooks launched a new tuition model to drive its commitment to increasing access to outstanding educational opportunities for more families. Starting with the 2021-2022 school year, Nashoba Brooks is reducing tuition by an average of 5% each year for 3 years, for a total reduction of 15%. The net impact of these changes is that the average tuition amount in 2023-2024 will be almost $9,500 less than it would have been if the School retained its previous financial model and implemented typical, modest annual tuition increases of approximately 3.5%. 

As the School gets ready for its second year of reducing tuition, families have seen a noticeable difference in the School’s cost relative to other independent school options in the area, as well as continued enhancement of the School’s facilities and programs. Even with this new model, no family is asked to pay the full cost of a Nashoba Brooks education. Non-tuition revenue, external programs, need-based financial assistance, annual fundraising, and the School’s endowment are all essential pieces in making this tuition model possible. 

Nashoba Brooks School is committed to being a learning community that inspires personal excellence for our current students and institutional excellence for generations to come. 

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Situated on a beautiful 30-acre campus in historic Concord, Massachusetts, Nashoba Brooks School enrolls all genders in Preschool through Grade 3, and students identifying as girls in Grades 4 through 8. Nashoba Brooks is an independent school designed to build community, character, and confidence in its students.
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