The Admission Process

"We felt the warmth of a community—one that would help our daughter learn, develop friendships, and grow both academically and socially. We were impressed by the efforts of the admissions team in ensuring that we are the right fit for each other." 
- A Parent

Nashoba Brooks School seeks qualified students who bring a variety of abilities, backgrounds, and interests to the School community. During the admission process, we give careful consideration to the ways in which a student may benefit from and contribute to our program. The Admission Committee reviews each student’s qualifications, assessing developmental readiness, academic potential, and achievement.

In our Lower School (Preschool to Grade 3) and all-girls Middle School (Grades 4 to 8), we seek children who are eager to be learners and leaders in our community. Nashoba Brooks School challenges students to explore new subjects; to take on academic, artistic, and athletic challenges; and to model our core values of integrity, collaboration, inclusivity, empathy, and resilience.

Decisions for admission reflect the commitment of the School to enroll children from families new to the School as well as from current families and to enroll families that represent diversity. In addition, decisions for admission to our Lower School (Preschool to Grade 3) reflect the commitment of the School to balance the number of boys and girls.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the admission process:
Nashoba Brooks School is a coed Lower School from Preschool to Grade 3 and an all-girls Middle School from Grades 4 to 8 located in Concord, Massachussetts.