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School Life


Preparing for a Changing World

Inclusivity at Nashoba Brooks encompasses the multiplicity of race, ethnic and religious heritage, socio-economic background, family structure, sexual orientation, geographic origin, and learning style. We strive to see such diversity not only in our student body, faculty, and trustees, but also in our curriculum and library holdings, hallway discussions and athletics, and all other aspects of daily life at the School. We believe that appreciating, cultivating, and experiencing diversity is a way of celebrating life and its infinite potential.

Diversity at Nashoba Brooks is intrinsic to the daily experience, in and out of the classroom. We impart students with a greater understanding of global awareness by providing them with insight into diverse lives and traditions. Our goal is to prepare students for a global 21st century world.
“…[Following] the ‘themes’ of allies and bullies, stereotypes, and racism . . . global perspectives are carried throughout the curriculum. Students draw connections between themselves and the world beyond as they continue to learn to listen to the many voices of others, especially those of marginalized groups.”

- Grade 2/3 Team

Diversity Transforms Curriculum

Teachers incorporate diversity into their units by developing transformed lessons that offer broader perspectives and deepen student understanding of a specific topic of study.

For example, Kindergarten students each year participate in a unit called “Farms Around the World.” Instead of focusing on the traditional red barn/white fence/horses and cows farm scene, they learn about farming around the world and examine questions such as, Where does our food and clothing come from? What is grown, where, and why? How do farmers work around the world?

The Diversity Curriculum Overview outlines the School’s diversity curriculum in Preschool through Grade 8. It was designed as a lens for strengthening the diversity curriculum and as a means of communicating this curriculum to parents.

Affinity Groups

At Nashoba Brooks, Affinity Groups provide opportunities for students who are in a minority to be with others with whom they share commonalities. Affinity Groups are crucial in affirming these individuals and allowing them to find connections within the larger school community. Student Affinity Group gatherings are optional, casual, and often take place during lunch. Students across grade levels meet and get to know other students with whom they share a special connection.
Situated on a beautiful 30-acre campus in historic Concord, Massachusetts, Nashoba Brooks School enrolls all genders in Preschool through Grade 3, and students identifying as girls in Grades 4 through 8. Nashoba Brooks is an independent school designed to build community, character, and confidence in its students.
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