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About Us

Strategic Directions


Nashoba Brooks School educates children for a life of continuous learning, accomplishment, and leadership in a diverse and changing world. The School nurtures students’ growth and character, while fostering the development of each child’s personal excellence in academics, athletics, and the arts.


Nashoba Brooks School creates dynamic educational experiences by providing innovative, interdisciplinary, and differentiated learning opportunities that build strong foundational skills, inspire inquiry and exploration, and encourage meaningful civic engagement in a rapidly changing world.
While planning for the future, we remain steadfast in our:
  • Commitment to guiding students in their development as critical thinkers and problem solvers, inspired athletes and artists, and resilient, civic minded individuals.
  • Support for outstanding employees who inspire students and model curiosity and commitment to lifelong learning and continuous growth.
  • Investment in advancing the education profession through research, innovation, and sharing of good practice from our own sector and beyond.
  • Belief that the pursuit of personal and institutional excellence is a joyful and inspiring pursuit.

Nashoba Brooks School will continue to grow an innovative and purpose-driven program grounded in proven practice and invested in continuous improvement and exponential impact.

  • Students engage with an interdisciplinary curriculum to develop strong foundational skills and the agency to apply these skills in novel situations.
  • Employees design leading edge curriculum to engage, inspire, and challenge each student.
  • Families engage in partnership with the School to support individual and schoolwide learning, wellbeing, and community connection.
  • The community invests in continuous professional development of employees to benefit the educational experiences for students.

2014 - 2024 Strategic Directions

To see all that we accomplished during the 2014 - 2024 Strategic Directions, click here.

Nashoba Brooks School will lead with a commitment to sustainability broadly defined - people, program, plant, and planet - recognizing that these resources are essential to individual and institutional excellence.
  • Establish philanthropic support for research and development to support innovative strategic initiatives and generative exploration.
  • Develop and maintain a dynamic and sustainable financial model that is reflective of both our value and our values, fuels innovation, and supports our day-to-day operations.
  • Commit to schoolwide environmental stewardship and respect for the natural environment as important pillars for learning and connection.
  • Commit to enduring, endowed investment in our campus as a critical piece of the Nashoba Brooks teaching and learning experience.

Nashoba Brooks School will build and grow an inclusive and vibrant community in which all members know that they matter, they belong, and they have the skills and confidence to contribute meaningfully on and off campus.
  • Operate with a growth mindset and commitment to continuous improvement.
  • Celebrate and amplify the power of a Nashoba Brooks education by sharing how students, alumni, parents, and educators lead in and beyond the Nashoba Brooks community.
  • Plan all investments with a commitment to excellence today and enduring support for future generations.
  • Engage all community members with a commitment to building an equitable and just community as a foundation for educational excellence.
Situated on a beautiful 30-acre campus in historic Concord, Massachusetts, Nashoba Brooks School enrolls all genders in Preschool through Grade 3, and students identifying as girls in Grades 4 through 8. Nashoba Brooks is an independent school designed to build community, character, and confidence in its students.
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