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About Us

Strategic Directions

After a thoughtful and intentional process of planning for the future of Nashoba Brooks School, the Board of Trustees adopted a set of Strategic Directions to guide the School from 2014 through 2024. These strategic directions advance the School's outstanding program of innovation and inclusive education; and demonstrate the impact its students, alumni, and employees have locally and globally.

While planning for the future we remain steadfast in our:
  • Belief that individual and institutional excellence is a joyful and inspiring pursuit.
  • Commitment to guiding students in their development as resilient individuals, critical thinkers, confident scholars, motivated athletes, visionary artists, engaged citizens, and ethical leaders.
  • Engagement with all members of the community through strong communication and meaningful connections with current and past students, families, and employees.
  • Pursuit of traditional as well as emerging financial models to support and enhance the School's financial sustainability.
  • Support for outstanding employees who inspire students and model curiosity and commitment to lifelong learning and continuous professional growth.

Inspired Education

List of 3 items.


    IMPERATIVE: Nashoba Brooks School will build on existing strengths and explore curriculum design and evaluation that support dynamic program development.

    OUTCOME: Students build fluency and mastery of foundational, technological, and transliteracy skills. They also engage in team based interdisciplinary learning that emphasizes the global impact of local actions. Faculty develop differentiated curriculum and instruction to appropriately challenge and support all students.

    IMPERATIVE: Nashoba Brooks School will continue to develop a comprehensive and adaptable financial model for programs, facilities, and financial security.

    OUTCOME: The School utilizes robust financial modeling tools to inform decision-making and identifies and assesses innovative sources of revenue to decrease reliance on tuition income. The School structure and mission are aligned to achieve goals for institutional excellence and financial strength.

    IMPERATIVE: Nashoba Brooks School will build and actively maintain an inclusive community in which all students and families experience a sense of belonging, engagement, and recognition.

    OUTCOME: Students, families, and alumni feel meaningfully connected to the School community and feel welcome to participate in events and programs. Employees with diverse cultural, educational, and life experiences are inspired by the mission and supported in their professional learning and growth.

    IMPERATIVE: Nashoba Brooks School will attract, retain, and support a diverse student body with deliberate attention to financial accessibility.

    OUTCOME: Students are prepared for global citizenship and leadership through a commitment to diversity. A diverse population of families from a broad geographic area are supported through tuition and financial assistance structures that support access and affordability.

    IMPERATIVE: Nashoba Brooks School will provide transformational learning experiences for each student by supporting our exceptional faculty.

    OUTCOME: Students graduate with outstanding foundational skills, commitment to the pursuit of excellence, and the confidence and strength of character to make a positive global impact. Faculty integrate technology and 21st century skills to ensure students have the tools to enact change.

    IMPERATIVE: Nashoba Brooks School will actively communicate our exceptional program to build recognition, reputation, and highlight impact.

    Students earn wide recognition for their academic ability, leadership, and service. Employees engage in professional development and leadership in outside organizations. Partnerships are established to enhance student experience while also positioning the School as a leader.
At our core, Nashoba Brooks School represents:

We act with honest, sound judgment, and strong character to build a culture of trust.

We build partnerships, foster teamwork, and encourage camaraderie.

We celebrate and affirm all aspects of individual identity and global diversity.

We seek to understand the feelings of others, value multiple perspectives, build meaningful connections, and inspire ethical action.

We value persistence and pursue excellence through continuous learning and growth.
Situated on a beautiful 30-acre campus in historic Concord, Massachusetts, Nashoba Brooks School enrolls all genders in Preschool through Grade 3, and students identifying as girls in Grades 4 through 8. Nashoba Brooks is an independent school designed to build community, character, and confidence in its students.
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