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Being A Nashoba Brooks Parent

I volunteer at Nashoba Brooks because the parents, students, and community are inspiring and a joy to work with and because they are so important to the happiness and development of my daughter. - A Parent

Being a Nashoba Brooks Parent

Parent involvement has been a tradition at Nashoba Brooks since the earliest days of the School. Parents help build community spirit, support our teachers, and connect with one another, students, and employees while working to make a difference for our School. A few times each year, parents participate in Parent Volunteer Mornings during which they tackle useful projects identified by classroom teachers. 

In a long-standing Nashoba Brooks tradition, parents are invited to have a cup of coffee and catch up with each other in our dining commons each morning. In addition, our Family Liaison offers regular parent support group meetings, usually at drop off in the morning, to address general and grade-specific themes. These range from support for a variety of parenting issues, to the inevitable anxieties that arise at the beginning or the end of the school year.

Parents are invited to School for assemblies throughout the year, and also to a number of class- and grade-related activities throughout the year.

Our Parents' Association (PA) partners with the School in these and other important initiatives. They organize and support a variety of events and programs throughout the year to bring the Nashoba Brooks community together; parents at every grade level are encouraged to get involved. 

In addition to the many volunteer opportunities available to parents, nearly 90% of families support the Nashoba Brooks Fund each year. Parent gifts range from $5 to over $50,000. Every gift is appreciated and helps to support the exceptional education offered at the School.

Situated on a beautiful 30-acre campus in historic Concord, Massachusetts, Nashoba Brooks School enrolls all genders in Preschool through Grade 3, and students identifying as girls in Grades 4 through 8. Nashoba Brooks is an independent school designed to build community, character, and confidence in its students.
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