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Preschool - Grade 3

Grade 2

In second grade, we support students as they expand their abilities and transition from focusing on their individual needs to thinking about the group and the world around them. This is a rewarding period for students as they develop knowledge, skills, and strategies that help them solve problems independently and collaboratively. Our goal is to help them build these important skills while encouraging each student’s curiosity and passion for learning.  

Our units of study in Grade 2 include Japan, Local History, Friendship, Geography, Poetry, and Service Learning.

In Grade 2 we work on the following skills:
  • Decoding
  • Reading fluency and comprehension
  • Writing mechanics and spelling
  • Collecting and analyzing information
  • Developing awareness of our community and other cultures
  • Representing and solving word problems
  • Building mental math strategies
  • Listening  and participating effectively
  • Presenting information to an audience

Click on an item below to see a summary of Grade 2 work in that subject area. Please note: Each subject includes a guiding question or questions, some of the topics we address in that area, and an overview of some of the skills we work to build through this subject.

About Grade 2

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  • A Sample Day in Grade 2

    Students can arrive as early as 7:30 a.m. and spend time with friends in the Dining Commons and the Gym. 

    The school day starts promptly at 8:25 a.m. In Grade 2, the day begins with homeroom morning meeting time and a typical day might include:

    • Science
    • Physical Education
    • Snack & Recess - students bring their own snacks
    • Spanish
    • Mathematics
    • Lunch & Recess - the School provides lunch
    • Writing
    • Reading
    • Social Studies

    Second graders are dismissed at 3:15 p.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, and at 12:15 p.m. on Tuesdays.

    We offer a number of fee-based Extended Day activities, which allow students to stay as late as 5:30 p.m. 
  • Language Arts in Grade 2

    Grade 2 Language Arts includes reading, writing, and grammar.

    As we journey through literature, what will we learn about ourselves and about the world around us?

    Topics of Study:
    Themes of kindness, courage and being yourself • Spelling patterns • Readers’ Theater • Poetry of our world • Writing (expository and narrative) • Biography study

    Skills We Teach:
    Developing reading comprehension strategies • Developing reading fluency • Writing mechanics (grammar, punctuation, capitalization) • Writing in complete sentences • Beginning editing and revising • Practicing syllable patterns, spelling rules, and generalizations • Refining handwriting
  • Technology in Grade 2

    At Nashoba Brooks School, educational technology is meaningfully integrated into all content areas to enhance student learning.

    Skills We Teach:
    Navigating apps to support skill development across content areas • Expanding on problem-solving skills • Using technology-related vocabulary • Developing computer skills • Managing a personal device • Developing a basic understanding of website navigation • Learning formal keyboarding skills • Continuing word processing development • Beginning block-based coding • Developing understanding of computer-assisted design for fabrications 
  • Social Studies in Grade 2

    What does learning about other communities teach us about our own?

    Topics of Study:
    Creation of a school community • Kindness and friendship • Geography • Japan • Local abolitionist history

    Skills We Teach:
    Understanding map terms • Locating geographic features • Reading nonfiction and fiction texts about other cultures in our world • Comparing and contrasting our own society to other cultures • Presenting information
  • Mathematics in Grade 2

    How can I begin to speak the language of Mathematics?

    Topics of Study:
    Addition and subtraction facts • Place value • Telling time • Money • Geometry • Beginning multiplication and division • Measurement • Word problems

    Skills We Teach:
    Representing numbers and identifying place values to 1,000 • Composing and decomposing numbers • Completing number patterns • Modeling and solving addition and subtraction stories • Identifying shapes • Improving fluency and accuracy of addition and subtraction math facts • Beginning multiplication and division • Using dollars and cents and writing money amounts • Reading and making picture graphs
  • Science in Grade 2

    How do we, as scientists, learn about our world and ourselves?

    Topics of Study:
    Sun/Earth relationship • Seasons • Meteorology • Ornithology • Biomes • Animal adaptations • Aerospace engineering and force • Digestive & Skeletal systems • Architectural engineering

    Skills We Teach:
    Making models to explain natural phenomena • Collecting, organizing, and analyzing qualitative and quantitative data • Graphing data • Designing and building • Collaboration • Technology Immersion
  • Spanish in Grade 2

    How do we use another language to communicate with others? What is Spanish immersion?

    Topics of Study:
    Greetings and introductions • Hispanic Heritage Month • Spanish poetry • Emotions • Family • Clothing • Animals and sentence building • Clothing • All About Me project • Numbers 1-40 • Calendar vocabulary 

    Skills We Teach:
    Deriving understanding from context, gestures, and images • Speaking Spanish in words and short phrases • Experiencing cultural similarities and differences • Following commands • Asking and responding to simple questions • Pronunciation through song and chants • Total physical response 
  • Library in Grade 2

    How is the library organized? How do we locate books in the library?

    Topics of Study:
    Windows and mirrors • Japanese folktales• Immigration

    Skills We Teach:
    Navigating the library • Independently selecting appropriate books • Discerning an author’s purpose • Practicing empathy through character study • Identifying different genres. • Navigating an online database
  • Music in Grade 2

    How is poetry used in music? What is musical expression? What is a musical theme?

    Topics of Study:
    Making a music video • Voice as an instrument • How does music tell a story? • How does music relate to poetry? • Instruments of the orchestra • Japanese folk tales • Part singing • Performing at the Grade 3 Graduation 

    Skills We Teach:
    The voice as an instrument • Developing singing techniques • Using rhythmic and melodic notation • Improvisation, movement coordination, and sequencing • Performing at the Grade 3 Graduation
  • PE in Grade 2

    How can I move safely, skillfully, respectfully, and confidently?

    Topics of Study:
    Health and fitness • Teamwork • Collaboration • Poetry in motion • Sportsmanship • Core values • Cooperating • Friendship and kindness • Courage • Risk-taking • Mapping and orienteering

    Skills We Teach:
    Locomotor and non-locomotor skills in Spanish and English • Soccer • Gymnastics • Dribbling and shooting in basketball • Climbing • Floor hockey • Tennis • Bowling • Rock wall • Jumping rope • Kicking • Dodging • Throwing and catching • Balancing • Fitness • Striking with implement • Volleying • Cooperative and invasion games • Parachute
  • Visual Arts in Grade 2

    How can we use art as a means for understanding ourselves and the world around us?

    Topics of Study:
    Free and observational drawing • Japanese brush painting • Map making • Self-portraits • Sculpture • Sketchbooks 

    Skills We Teach:
    Developing designs and drawings • Working independently, • Making observations • Exploring color mixing • Drawing • Sculpting with clay • Visual thinking strategies

Second graders have lots of energy! Their reasoning and learning skills grow tremendously this year. 

Grade 2 Homeroom Teachers

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  • Photo of Nicole Myers

    Nicole Myers 

    Grade 2
  • Photo of Lizbie Porter

    Lizbie Porter 

    Grade 2
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