Grade 4 Field Trip to Google

Grade 4 students visited the Google office in Cambridge on April 27. Led by Grade 4 teachers Laura Lande and Meredith Gannon and Science teacher Kelly Western, the excursion entailed meeting with a panel of Google software engineers working on Search, YouTube, Android, and corporate infrastructure.
Googlers discussed how coding and math is used in various applications in their jobs and students shared their experience with the Coding Project at Nashoba, in which the students used block-coding to create either a movie, work of art, video game or app.

Our Grade 4 students engaged in meaningful dialogue and asked questions such as “Did you always want to work in computer science?” and “What do you like most about working at Google?”

Here are some reflections students wrote upon their return to campus:

“One thing I learned is coding does a lot for our lives. When we started coding I didn't think it was that interesting or important, but then you took me to Google and that made me change my mind. Thank you so much for this opportunity to learn more about coding.”

“When I grow up I want to be a robotics engineer, so this inspired me to work really hard at becoming one. Also, I really enjoyed learning about what the panel’s jobs entailed. I really liked asking questions to the panel because it was interesting hearing their variety of answers.”

Students also spoke with Googlers about how Nashoba Brooks’ core values of collaboration, resilience, and inclusivity are fundamental to the workplace, contributing to teams and being successful.

“The annual field trip to Google is great way for students to connect the coding work they’ve done this year to the computer science and tech field,” said Mrs. Lande. “It’s important for them to have the opportunity to talk with and see women working in STEM careers so they can envision themselves in similar roles in years to come.”

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