Susan Lewis Attends UC Berkeley's Summer Institute

Susan Lewis, Middle School science and homeroom teacher, attended the GGSC (Greater Good Science Center) Summer Institute for Educators at UC Berkeley as part of the Grubb mini-sabbatical. 

Susan's work in this program focused on three key areas: social-emotional learning, character education, and mindfulness—critical foundations for student learning and success.

At our first employee meeting of the year, Susan shared some of her key takeaways from this learning opportunity and walked everyone through exercises to help us recognize the power of our emotions and how we communicate through non-verbal cues. She stressed that social-emotional learning is not simply something educators teach to students but rather something we model. When we practice mindfulness ourselves, we are better able to build a nurturing and compassionate community.

“I am so grateful to Nashoba Brooks for giving me the chance to attend the Summer Institute,” Susan says. “I have been a huge fan of the work that the Greater Good Science Center does to promote the science of well-being, and I came away both personally inspired and professionally better equipped to serve my students and the School.”

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