Alum Meghan Spring ('90) Becomes the Youngest Appointed Judge in Massachusetts

In October 2017, Nashoba Brooks Alum Meghan Spring (‘90) became the youngest appointed judge in Massachusetts after Governor Charlie Baker nominated her to serve as Associate Justice in the Middlesex Probate and Family Court.
Earlier this fall, Meghan returned to campus to share her inspirational career journey during Middle School Information Night.

Prior to her appointment, Meghan graduated from American University and Northeastern School of Law, going on to serve in various positions throughout Massachusetts, including as an assistant district attorney, a superior court prosecutor, and a defense attorney owning her own firm.

It was during Meghan’s time at Nashoba Brooks School that she found her calling. “I decided I wanted to be a lawyer when I was in fifth grade,” she says. “We studied the American Revolution and I couldn’t believe that the colonists weren’t allowed to speak out against the king, I couldn’t believe that you had to prove yourself innocent, I couldn’t believe that you weren’t entitled to a jury trial.”

Additionally, she says, “when we were studying the Industrial Revolution we went to Lowell, we went to study the mills and women's role in the movement, so that had a profound effect on me. There was never a question that you could do whatever you wanted, there was never a question that you were to make an impact on your community.”

Meghan’s education and upbringing inspired her to pursue a profession where her love of learning intersected with public service. “Education and public service have been paramount in my family for generations,” Spring says. “In my family, if you can help someone, you do it.”

As she did during her time at Nashoba Brooks, Meghan continues to embrace the School’s motto: work hard, play fair, and be kind. “I just think it’s the best creed one can live by. I say that to my daughter every day when we go to sleep at night, ‘did you work hard, did you play fair, were you kind?’”

“For the past five years, I have been fortunate to reach a different level of public service…It’s a rewarding experience in that you can really try and effect the outcome of somebody’s life.”

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