Growth and Learning Abounds at Camp Takodah

This spring, the Grade 7 class at Nashoba Brooks School traveled up to Camp Takodah in New Hampshire for a two-day experience filled with team building activities and opportunities to push beyond their comfort zone.
At Camp Takodah, Nashoba Brooks students find themselves in a unique learning environment faced with challenges and learning opportunities in an unfamiliar setting for most. This drives students to develop a different set of problem-solving skills and strengthen relationships through collaboration.

Takodah YMCA’s Educational Programs empower youth to connect and develop essential skills. The organization strives to create community and relationships that develop a sense of belonging, achievement, and autonomy, and they do so with an emphasis on environment-based education.

Led by enthusiastic and supportive counselors, groups of students rotated through cooperative activities on day one, including rowing a 20-person war canoe around the lake and walking on low ropes challenge courses through the woods.

While students experienced rainy and cold weather, that did not deter them from swimming and playing in the chilly lake. These activities were appropriately followed by drinking hot chocolate and sitting by an indoor campfire.

After dinner on the first night, groups worked together to entertain and compete for the title of the group with the most excellent “Hidden Talents.” A couple of the talents included acting out “movies in a minute” and a slow-motion race, with teachers and counselors serving as judges.

The second day focused on the high ropes challenge course, which involved a climbing wall, cargo net, and many tree-climbing opportunities. Although the rain seemed like it would dampen the mood, it only brought the class together even more. As one student stated, “the rain is not keeping us from making memories!”

“The trip lends itself to providing situations for students to feel empowered to take risks and build each other up,” according to Middle School teacher and Director of External Programs Kerry Stevens. “The counselors helped students lean into situations that they may not have otherwise tried in academic settings.”

This Grade 7 experience also sets the groundwork for the Grade 8 trip to Chewonki, helping build their readiness and preparation for this outdoor experience.

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