Kirsta Davey's Mini-Sabbatical in Iceland Tackles Climate Change

With Brooks the Bear and a drone in tow, Lower School Literacy Specialist Kirsta Davey packed her camera equipment and hiking boots and headed to Iceland this summer for a Grubb mini-sabbatical.
Her reason for going there had as much to do with capturing the breathtaking landscape in photos as it did about raising awareness and understanding of an important global issue: climate change. 
“Back in 2018 I traveled to Greenland where I became fascinated with photographing the impact of climate change on these two very different countries. My proposal included comparing Iceland and Greenland and learning how scientists are using their environments to gauge the impact of global warming,” said Ms. Davey.  
Considering all the news coverage on these two countries this past summer—the memorial for the lost glacier in Iceland, called the Okjökull glacier, as well as the record summer heat in the arctic—her work could not have been more perfectly timed.   
“With the largest glacier outside of the Arctic located in Iceland, named Vatnajökull, I have seen firsthand the impact of global warming,” Ms. Davey explains. “This unique location and the sea currents make it unlike any other place in the world. There is a sense of urgency to see these magnificent, diminishing global treasures,” she adds. 
Photographs portray powerful stories and inspire both understanding and action. Ms. Davey plans to use her photography and research to help educate others through curriculum integration in writing for Kindergarten students and geography for Grade 1 students. As lifelong learners, Nashoba Brooks School employees will also hear about Ms. Davey’s mini-sabbatical as she gives a presentation to employees during an upcoming professional development session.

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