Lizbie Porter's Mini-Sabbatical Highlights Lessons from Running

For as long as she can remember, Grade 2 teacher Lizbie Porter has loved running.
She thumbs through photographs of her family members, like her grandmother, at various races over the years and smiles as she shows a photo of herself as a child at the finish line. 

Her love of running runs deep, but the lessons learned from running are what she wanted to explore when she embarked on a Grubb mini-sabbatical at the Craftsbury Outdoor Center. This week-long running camp in the mountains of Vermont served as the perfect setting for learning, reflection, and renewal. Lizbie’s days were filled with instructional workshops, discussions, and presentations where she learned about principles, nutrition, mental training, and more. 
We know that anxiety rates among students are steadily on the rise. For Lizbie, running is a way for students to learn how to return to a place of calm by creating healthy habits in their lives. Lizbie and Grade 2 teacher Nicole Myers (who also shares the same passion) take the second grade classes outside to complete a one-mile loop, called the Daily Mile. This has been a way for students to build endurance and tap into a sense of inner peace as they embark on the challenges of the day. 

“This is what resonated with me about the camp. It is not about setting monumental goals. It’s about doing something for yourself—even 15 minutes a day.” Lizbie explains. “I talk to my students about creating that sense of habit in their lives and getting in touch with a passion, the thing they love to do.”

Creating a sense of habit in your life and doing what you love to do are life lessons students will carry with them throughout their lives. Lizbie plans to present to employees more about her mini-sabbatical during an upcoming professional development session and will talk more about “revisiting the things in life that make you tick.”

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