Alumna Sarah Flint ‘03: A passion for art, design, and shoes

Alumna Sarah Flint’s love of design can be traced to her elementary years at Nashoba Brooks School where she recalls fond memories of art class with Lisa Stanley. 
“I absolutely loved art and design—ever since I fell in love with my first pair of patent leather tap shoes at age 5,” she recalls. 

Sarah took that passion from her childhood and, at age 25, started her own shoe design business in 2013. Today, she has earned international recognition as the go-to brand admired by celebrities and royalty alike. Meghan Markle has been seen sporting several pairs. 

Sarah’s line is grounded in a design ethos centered around “style without sacrifice,” making women feel both empowered and at ease.

“I was frustrated that women had to choose between feeling good and looking great,” states Sarah. Manufacturing in the world’s best factories outside of Milan, she describes her designs as a marriage of “artisanal quality and innovation...that is classically elegant on the outside and packed with comfort-driven design on the inside.”  

Sarah credits the integrated curriculum at Nashoba Brooks School with encouraging creativity that allowed her to explore and develop a multitude of artistic talents. 

With that foundation, she continued her education in New York studying Accessories Design at FIT and interning at large design houses. During this time, she came to realize that the shoes women spent the most money on were usually the ones that made their toes numb and wound up sitting at the back of their closets. Once she finished her education at FIT, she moved to Italy to study shoe pattern making and production alongside factory workers at a school called Ars Sutoria. 
“My hope for the future is to build out a new kind of customer-first luxury brand where women can still find an original, designer product of the highest quality that is actually comfortable,” she says. 
Sarah also wants to continue to embrace and empower women by telling their stories. “As a brand, we feature dynamic, successful women of different ages, industries, and backgrounds across our channels. I’m very passionate about building a network of incredible women who support each other.”

She has her own strong network within her family, too. Her mother Alice Flint, trustee emeritus at Nashoba Brooks School, and her three sisters—all Nashoba Brooks alumni–including drama teacher and current parent Hannah Flint, are avid Sarah Flint promoters!

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