Students visiting Wayfair Adventures for YIP.

Grade 8 Shares Lessons on Giving with YIP

Grade 8 students presented a summary of their Youth in Philanthropy (YIP) experience, sharing their newly acquired knowledge of the meaning and impact of philanthropy with parents, employees, and special guests from the Foundation for MetroWest, which sponsors the YIP program.
The students, under the direction of teachers Susan Lewis and Lucy Douglass, made philanthropic decisions as a group, researched 15 nonprofits and selected three organizations that they believed could have the most impact on the community. The nonprofits addressed a wide spectrum of community needs: from hunger to animal welfare to homelessness. 

To raise money, the students coordinated a flower sale before the Grades 3 and 7 musicals, collecting more than $400 dollars to bolster their philanthropic support of local organizations. This, coupled with funds from the Foundation for MetroWest, totaled $10,000 to be donated to the selected organizations.

The students narrowed their focus to three organizations: The Food Project, Waypoint Adventure, and Cooperative Elder Services, Inc. Students then visited each organization to better understand their mission and see their work in action. 

According to the students, the site visits were a significant determining factor and helped students “realize what it was like to step into someone else’s shoes.” 

Ultimately, they decided to split the grant money evenly between Waypoint Adventure and Cooperative Elder Services, Inc. Waypoint Adventure’s mission is to challenge youth and adults with disabilities to discover their purpose, talents, and strengths, through the power of adventure. Cooperative Elder Services provides comprehensive care for elders during the day, including nursing care, transportation, and caregiver support. 

Through the YIP curriculum and grant making process, Nashoba Brooks students learned about the importance of taking action on social causes and working together toward a common goal. They are proud to have a positive impact in their local community. 

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