Alumna Silvia Manent: Early Seeds of Entrepreneurship

Silvia Manent ‘04 was born in Spain and raised in Barcelona where she attended a French school called Lyceé Français de Barcelone.
When she came to Nashoba Brooks School in fourth grade, she got an early taste of what it might be like to be an entrepreneur. 

“We went strawberry picking at a farm near the School. We picked strawberries and made jam,” she reminisces. “A couple of days later, we sold it at a bake sale. We had never done anything like that at my previous school. Our first time selling jam was incredible because I realized you could make money at the age of nine!” 

Despite having a limited fluency with the English language, Silvia took comfort in the support of her teachers and fellow students. Silvia grew to love school and the warmth and connection she experienced at Nashoba Brooks. During her time at the School, she also came to appreciate the abundant power of an all-girls education. She later continued her studies at Ethel Walker School in Connecticut, an all-girls high school. Through the years, she found comfort working in an all-female, coworking office space. 

“The Wing is an all-women’s coworking office space in Boston. I love how women empower other women, which you don’t often get in a co-ed space. I love being in a community of all women. You want to see everyone around you succeed,” Silvia says. 

Silvia now owns her own financial services company, Manent Capital. She began her career at Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, and JP Morgan, where she excelled as a financial advisor and was recognized for her ability to quickly master intricate financial planning strategies, analyze, and solve problems. Her early work focused on high net worth individuals, but she pivoted to focus on the financial needs of younger women and helping them invest and reach their goals.  

“Since the age of nine, I knew that I would have my own company someday. I felt surrounded by the smartest women in the world at Nashoba Brooks. I knew I wanted my own business so I could create a fun atmosphere and a woman-friendly environment,” Silvia said. 

Silvia credits her time at Nashoba Brooks with giving her the foundation during what she calls her most important years—ages 9 to 14—when you are getting to know yourself. She believes that Nashoba Brooks created a foundation of “self-confidence” where everyone championed the other’s success. 

“Nashoba Brooks School taught me how to live a balanced life. The girls were good at sports, friendly, yet ambitious. I wanted to create something similar to what I learned at Nashoba Brooks with my own company that helps people, especially women, to feel confident and happy. I want them to fulfill their dreams. I would never have been this ambitious had I not attended Nashoba Brooks,” Silvia said. 

As for the future, Silvia hopes to have five kids one day and hopes that they can all attend Nashoba Brooks!

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Nashoba Brooks School is a coed Lower School from Preschool to Grade 3 and an all-girls Middle School from Grades 4 to 8 located in Concord, Massachussetts.