Nashoba Brooks Announces bold plan to “reVision Tuition”

This week, Nashoba Brooks announced its “reVision Tuition Plan” to reduce tuition and provide parents with three years of visibility into annual tuition costs. The School’s plan will cut tuition by an average of 15% over the next three years, reducing costs for families by an average of 5% each year from current rates.
“The new tuition program is a result of the School’s Strategic Directions launched in 2014. Over the past several years, we have committed to assessing our financial model with the goal of creating inspired education through innovation, inclusivity, and impact,” said Board President Vince Lorusso. “This new model will make tuition more affordable and predictable over time so that Nashoba Brooks can be more accessible to families in our region.” 

Learning from the experiences of schools and colleges who attempted one-time, large scale resets of their tuition, Nashoba Brooks has taken a more long-term approach to ensure a lasting impact and more sustainable tuition levels over time. The net impact of this change is that current families will be paying almost $9500 less in 2023-24 than they would be if the School did not make this bold shift in its financial structure. As part of the overall Strategic Directions plan, Nashoba Brooks has recently enhanced its educational program with new campus resources like the Shilling STEAM Lab and the discovery barn. The new financial model is a continuation of this plan to build on the School’s strong financial foundation. 

“Through our Strategic Directions we have focused on creating inspired educational offerings that make the Nashoba Brooks experience unique, and building a sustainable financial model that matches the strength, innovative mindset, and enduring spirit of our School. This new structure will make the School more accessible to a broader range of families and affirm our commitment to being a diverse, equitable, and inclusive community,” said Head of School Danielle Heard. 

View our reVision Tuition page to learn more.

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