Middle School teacher presents at OER’s national conference

In August, our Middle School Latin Teacher Maritere Mix was invited to present at the OER conference for Social Studies educators. The conference is run by the Open Educational Resources Project, “a coalition of educators and historians solely focused on boosting student engagement and achievement through transformational social studies programs.” The project is dedicated to providing teachers with high quality curriculum and engaging content to help bring history to life for students. Ms. Mix presented in the track focused on “arguments with evidence.” Her track talk considered ways teachers can help students connect more meaningfully with the past. 
Ms. Mix explores how to structure activities that support student investigations of primary sources, and helps them to think critically about the past with empathy for the people who lived through it. Ms. Mix’s goal is to empower students to make informed claims and to enable them to relay captivating historical accounts. In addition to her track talk, Ms. Mix participated in a live panel discussion with Bob Bain from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and Nate Otey, a fellow in Philosophy at Harvard. She says she found the live discussion “a great opportunity for us to delve deeper into our topic and address some of the questions from the more than 200 conference attendees.” This was Ms. Mix’s first time presenting in this forum and she admits to feeling outside of her comfort zone. Her risk taking is a great model for her students and she hopes for the opportunity to do it again in the future. You can view Ms. Mix’s track talk on the OER website.

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  • Nashoba Brooks Notions: Penny Boat Challenge

    Are you ready for a design challenge? This week’s Nashoba Brooks Notion invites you to practice the iterative process of design thinking by participating in a STEAM building activity! The challenge is to build multiple versions of a tin foil boat and then test the buoyancy and strength of your boat by adding pennies progressively. Here is a document that explains the challenge and lists the necessary supplies. There is also an optional chart for recording your data and an optional set of reflection questions. We encourage you to work together with your family to build your boats. Good luck!
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  • Nashoba Brooks Notions: Bubbles

    This week’s Nashoba Brooks Notion: bubbles! Kids of all ages enjoy bubbles. By clicking here you can learn how to make your own bubble mixtures, wands, and even a bubble snake like Mr. Bryant!
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  • Announcing Nashoba Brooks Notions: Summer Reads

    We would like to introduce Nashoba Brooks Notions. Each Monday this summer, we will be sharing thoughts, ideas, and activities for families to consider. 
    This week's Nashoba Brooks Notion: cloudy summer skies present a wonderful opportunity to curl up with a good book! Click here to check out our PS-8 summer reads.
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  • Earth Day at Nashoba Brooks

    On April 21 and 22, bright and early in the morning, Nashoba Brooks students moved out across the Strawberry Hill campus to celebrate Earth Day.
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  • Grade 7 Students Recognized by National Latin Exam

    Every year, thousands of Latin students across the United States and the world take the National Latin Exam (NLE). The NLE is not meant to be a competition, but rather an opportunity for students "to experience a sense of personal accomplishment and success in their study of the Latin language and culture." Depending upon their score in relation to the national average, students may earn certificates, medals, and may even qualify for scholarships. This year, 31 of our Grade 7 students participated in the Introduction to Latin level exam. The national score average this year was 33/40, which is higher than in past years. We are pleased to report that 16 students received certificates, and 12 of them were also awarded medals (8 silver and 4 gold). We are very proud of all our Grade 7 students for the time and effort they have put into their Latin study this year.
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  • Students Win Third Place in National Documentary Competition

    Grade 8 students joined 2,300 6-12th graders from all across the country, creating short documentaries for CSPAN's StudentCam competition.
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  • S'mores and More Winter Week

    Our inability to have the traditional S’mores and More Winter Week events this year did not quell enthusiasm for this beloved School tradition.
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  • Honoring Black History

    In honor of Black History Month this year, the School has provided some opportunities for students and adults to explore the history and experiences of African-Americans more deeply.
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  • Nashoba Brooks Announces bold plan to “reVision Tuition”

    This week, Nashoba Brooks announced its “reVision Tuition Plan” to reduce tuition and provide parents with three years of visibility into annual tuition costs. The School’s plan will cut tuition by an average of 15% over the next three years, reducing costs for families by an average of 5% each year from current rates.
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  • Nashoba Brooks Launches New Online Extension Program

    Building on the School's history of inspired education and innovation, we are excited to expand our offerings through this pilot program and a chance to reach new students beyond our School community. Whether you are looking to enrich your child’s learning with an engaging workshop or get some extra help with schoolwork, you will meet knowledgeable instructors who bring creativity, experience, and a warm, inclusive approach. Check out our various sessions, and meet our talented team of online instructors!
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  • Inclusivity Leadership Team presents at NCGS symposium

    On October 28, Head of School Danielle Heard, Assistant Head of Lower School Tim Croft, School Counselor Liz Joyce, and Middle School Science Teacher Susan Lewis, presented at the National Coalition for Girls Schools’ Educating Girls Symposium on “Building Inclusive Anti-racist School Communities.”
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  • Grade 8 Students Write Their Truths

    Elaine Rabb, Nashoba Brooks School’s storied Grade 8 English teacher, watched as another batch of students expressed themselves in their “This I Believe” essays.
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  • Exploring Gender Stereotypes in Middle School Health and Wellness

    Nashoba Brooks School’s social-emotional learning objectives are spread across disciplines and departments, and one of the most significant pieces for our middle school students is their health and wellness class. Guida Mattison, who has been helping young people navigate the world of personal development awareness since 2007,  is continually modifying her curriculum while she learns alongside her students.
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  • Rosetta Lee: Instilling Positive Self-identity

    Tuesdays at Nashoba Brooks are half days for students, but for teachers, the afternoons are filled with professional development opportunities and much needed planning meetings. Now more than ever, with so much packed into a day, teachers are valuing a time to forget about sanitizing for a moment and enrich their love of the craft.
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  • Rachel Simmons On Pandemic Parenting: The Road Back

    On August 27, 2020, as we got ready to open our doors to the new school year and the challenges of a hybrid learning model, bestselling author and expert on leadership development Rachel Simmons helped our parents to be thoughtful about supporting our students’ return to the classroom.
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  • Meet Kaitlyn Giles McHugh, the New Assistant Head of the Middle School

    Had you asked Kaitlyn Giles McHugh as a Grade 5 student at Nashoba Brooks School what she wanted to be when she grew up, she would have given three distinct answers—an architect, a lawyer, or a marine biologist.
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  • Alumni Drew Jameson TG'90: Journey from Student to Teacher at Nashoba Brooks

    While Drew Jameson has been teaching at Nashoba Brooks School for the past five years, many people do not know that he is also a very proud alum.
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  • Connecting with Jenn McClean: Parenting in the context of COVID-19

    On Tuesday, May 11, Dr. Jennifer McClean, consulting psychologist and longtime friend of Nashoba Brooks School, spoke to Middle School parents about parenting adolescents in the context of COVID-19.
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  • Connecting with Rachel Kramer: Parenting in the context of COVID-19

    On Wednesday, April 29, Lower School parents were invited to join a discussion with Dr. Rachel Kramer about parenting in the context of COVID-19.
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  • Students visiting Wayfair Adventures for YIP.

    Grade 8 Shares Lessons on Giving with YIP

    Grade 8 students presented a summary of their Youth in Philanthropy (YIP) experience, sharing their newly acquired knowledge of the meaning and impact of philanthropy with parents, employees, and special guests from the Foundation for MetroWest, which sponsors the YIP program.
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