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Award Winning Authors Speak with Students

Alongside the book fair and poetry month, April has been a wonderful time for literature at Nashoba Brooks School. Sharon Draper and Jen Campbell, two celebrated authors, left their mark on the community over the past few weeks.
Mrs. Draper, whose achievements have been noted by a wide array of awards and accolades, met virtually with the entire student body. During the meeting, she explained how she got started writing, her experience with the writing process, and even her strategy of eating ice cream to overcome writer's block. She praised the students for their thoughtful questions, especially from members of the 3rd and 6th grade, who have all read one of Mrs. Draper's books in the past year. 

Right in the middle of Book Week the lower grades at Nashoba Brooks a virtual writing lesson from Jen Campbell. Ms. Campbell talked about how in the past, fairy tales repeatedly, and often second handedly, reinforced negative perceptions of different body types, behaviors, and skin colors. She cited well known literary examples such as the hunchback of Notre Dame. Ms. Campbell explained how young writers could design "inclusive characters" in order to stop the villainization of people who are perceived as different.

Both authors brought interesting insight into the world of creating with words. Nashoba Brooks students left their interactions with these authors feeling enriched, encouraged, and inspired to sit down, reflect, and write.

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